WP-Ban and AKismet

I was just wondering how useful it would be to combine GaMerZ’s plugin WP-Ban with AKismet’s IP data, i.e. store all IPs from AKismet in a table before flushing the spam and keep count how often an IP is used for spamming, e.g. take a look at this:

You will notice that 72.232.*.* is quite a spammer and with enough statistical data we could let WP-Ban know that and avoid having to deal with those spam comments at all. If you want to get rid of a problem, get rid of the source. AKismet is all nice and dandy but it doesn’t do enough. Storing the IPs in a table and keeping count will eventually lead to a network of IP ranges used for spamming and why not ban those ranges? What would be the downside? False positives? Well, I couldn’t care less if a few false positives will mean less to no spam, you have to make sacrifices for the greater good.

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  1. Of course you do! 298 : 2 for WP-Ban!

    From those 298 attempts to spam my site and cause traffic/db queries etc (which is all prevented now) there were a few extra busy IPs so far which you can safely add to your blacklist: – 69 attempts – 64 attempts – 53 attempts (I banned 216.246.79.*) – 33 attempts

    since 28.1.2007 and counting. I would love to have WP-BAN expanded and take IPs/Host Names from AKismet or integrate a ban option in AKismet. My weekly AKismet spam queue has now only 2 entries instead of 300… and those two IPs are now banned also.

  2. I decided to use an IP blocker like WP Ban with Akismet and it has been far more successful is stopping spam at the source.

    Before the IP numbers of certain spammers may have been logged by Akismet so they can be easily tagged as spam but that didn’t really help me.

    Now volumes of spam are manageable and any IP numbers that show up univited are toast.

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