647 thoughts on “Deadwood Season 4 Cancelled”

  1. We just finished watching Deadwood up to the season 3, went to look if when season 4 would be out just to find out it would not be. What the heck is it with shows just ending? They eave you hanging, this show now reminds me of an old show called Soap that just ended. I think the lease HBO could do a 2 hour movie to end Deadwood and kill off those that need to be.

  2. Like all the comments above – I watched all 3 seasons and loved the show – please finish it off – at least the ending HBO!! I read that they have taken down all the sets at this stage and it does not look like anything will be finished off now.

    Poor show HBO.

  3. What kind of an idiot would not allow the cast, producers and writers of an excellent HBO series come to an end where the end is not known to the loyal viewers? You robbed everyone of a great story.
    I suppose everyone is busy working on other projects to afford the time and dedication to return and finish it.
    Now I feel it is best to let HBO series run their course and I will wait and watch the last episode and determine if I should deploy the time and energy to watch the entire series.

    Not impressed with HBO.

  4. With all of the love shown, and all of the request for Deadwood (season 4, or finale) I can’t figure out what these writers/ producers etc., are thinking about! It will go down as one of the best western series of all time with one of the worst endings of all time! C’mon you f@*king Co&ksu%*ers…. get your heads together and finish the series with an ending as powerful as its first three seasons.

  5. I heard of this show and I always wanted to watch it . I didn’t get the chance until this summer. I watched all three seasons and absolutely loved it, and so has my family. I have done some research on deadwood so I ultimately know how it ends but would love to see the directors,actors, and actresses aspect . It is and was a great show and I think it is sad that it is not finished in the right way.

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